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Find deals at local stores this weekend for Small Business Saturday


You might be done with your Black Friday shopping, but some local businesses are saying the deals are not over yet.

Tomorrow is the 2nd annual small business Saturday, a day encouraging shoppers to support locally owned stores.

While shoppers filled major retail stores on Black Friday, Farrar's Home Center in Columbus was empty.  David Smith says locally owned store has been in the Fountain City since 1965.

"When you buy from us, we try to deliver it free of charge and set it up and show you how to operate it.  Where most of the time [at chain stores], you've got to put it in your buggy and push it out the door and hope you get it home and hooked up properly," said Smith.

Smith hopes Small Business Saturday will encourage more shoppers to come in for their deals.

"A 60" DLP television set.  You can probably get it for around $995.  We deliver it and set it up," said Smith.

Small Business Saturday is a day dedicated to making sure local stores can stay afloat while many shoppers are rushing to chain stores.

Aida Gonzalez, the manager for Garden of Eden Orchids and Gifts in Columbus, says they have several deals for shoppers.

"Jewelry 10% off, candles 50% off, hot sauces 10% off, oh bows--we have lots of bows, buy two bows and get one free," said Gonzalez.

The manager says it is a good reminder to the community that small businesses, with unique products and services, need your help.

"We get a lot of people from out of town that just happen to walk by or something, but a lot of local people don't come up here and shop.  They usually go to the big stores," said Gonzalez.

These local stores say your support does not just keep their doors open but also puts money back into the community.

"We collect on our accounts and our bills and our sales, and it all goes to individual payrolls here and our local bills.  Then, we go out and spend and buy.  So, it doesn't get shipped back to home office for them to take it and distribute it across the United States.  It all stays right here," said Smith.

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