The Birthday Cake

I would like to tell you about my husband who is the best love story in my life.
We met back in 2000 as a set up from a co-worker. My first impression was that he was not my type.
Thank goodness that he did not feel the same. On my birthday of that same year that we met, Jon (my husband) decided to cook me a surprise birthday cake.
When I got to work that morning, the cake and candles were waiting. I later found out that this wonderful man had stayed up until 2:00 a.m. perfecting this cake. He made it from scratch and had to start all over again when one of his layers on the first cake had a crack in it.
Needless to say, I was definitely in love with him from that moment on. I had never had a man cook anything for me (other than grilled food) and I had certainly never had anyone that put so much effort into a birthday cake.
Jon proposed Easter 2001 and we were married September 2001.
As they say, the honeymoon continues.