Students back in class after tornado in Harris County

Students are back in class after an extended Thanksgiving break due to the damage from the half mile wide tornado that came through Harris County and hit the high school.

The commons area is blocked off and the skylight covered after the wind shattered it. Other holes in the siding and roof are covered by tarps while crews work to rebuild. The debris that was in the parking lot and on the grounds has been picked up.

Students say it is inconvenient to drive or walk around the barriers at the sports fields, but they are glad no one at the school was injured during the storm.

Senior Kelley Becker said, "It is really odd because the commons is blocked off with tape. And, the football field is blocked off and the back entrance is blocked off. It is really odd to walk to school and see fences everywhere."

Teachers say the students responded quickly during the tornado, but it is always good to take another look at the emergency plan after a disaster like this one.

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