Auburn violin teacher arrested for child sex abuse, Troops to leave Iraq

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Auburn violin teacher arrested for child sex abuse

A violin teacher in Auburn is out on bond after East Alabama investigators arrested him for charges of sexual abuse of a child less than 12 years old.  Auburn police believe Mario Urbina sexually abused the child a year ago.   Police did not receive a report until last month.  Officials say Urbina has given private violin lessons to students in the Auburn area and that he also plays for the Columbus Symphony Orchestra. Police say he's no longer teaching music lessons in Auburn.

Two Columbus men charged in club shooting

Two men have been charged in connection with a shooting at a club in Columbus. 31-year-old Joshua Cole and 54-year-old William Evers have a December court date.  The pair is accused of letting minors into Club 1244. Two people, both under 21, were shot at the club last week. The two signed waivers for police not to investigate.

Troops to leave Iraq

After eight years of bitter conflict and bloody violence, America is slowly turning the page on its presence in Iraq. At the height of the U.S. led surge four years ago, there were 170,000 troops struggling to put down an insurgency. By the end of the year, virtually all U.S. troops will be out.

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Cheryl Renee