Be There: Making a math game

If your child is struggling in school, as a parent you may feel there are not many options to catch them up with the rest of the class. But one family is doing just that by making learning fun.

Combining homework with games is a sure-fire way to make your kids sit down and get it done. That's how one mom created a game to help her daughter overcome a difficult math lesson.

Shaira Feagin is in the 2nd grade and when it came to adding and subtracting multiple digit numbers, she just wasn't getting it.

Her mother Sandra explained, "It's a difficult step when it comes to adding, regrouping, and also learning to count money -- all of that is beginning to come into play."

So Sandra Feagin created an activity that demonstrates the values of each number and she can see how math is working.

"When I'm subtracting the smaller number I have to borrow a ten bar from the tens column and that makes the number smaller," said Shaira.

The two of them created each piece for the game and talked about their value, helping the lesson add up for Shaira. She said, "It helps me do better with math."

Sandra added, "This is where the math project comes in, to help her understand how we can enlarge that number so we can be able to subtract."

And since creating the math activity, Shaira says her new favorite subject is math, "I feel very excited and its fun."

The Feagin's say the only supplies you'll need to create this game at home is some cardboard, markers, scissors and your imagination.

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