A Shooting Star

First a little background:
In April of 1997 I asked a friend if he knew of someone who would like to go out with a nice guy. He said that he had a young lady working for him that he would like me to meet. I went into his store pretending to need to see but really to "check her out". I was nervous about having a blind date but when I saw her I liked what I saw.
We had our blind date, literally on Saturday, May 10, 1997. I must have made a favorable impression on her (as she did on me) because we had our second date on May 14. We continued to date until she moved to Donalsonville, GA, to accept a teaching position there. Our relationship continued via long distance phone calls and occasional visits. I spent Thanksgiving that year at her house in Donalsonville with most of her family (they are from the surrounding area). Even after that chaotic yet interesting family gathering, I spent Christmas Day with her and "the family". After Christmas dinner, I asked her to take a walk with me. In south Georgia the stars look as though you can reach up and touch them. It was the perfect setting for me to say what I had been wanting to say for some time. I began to talk about how difficult it was to have a long distance relationship and because I had spent time with her south Georgia family she thought I was breaking off the relationship. My intentions were just the opposite,and I asked her to marry me. Shocked at what she had heard she stopped, looked up at me, and she sees a falling star fall straight out the sky and fall directly behind my head. With tears in her eyes she accepted and told me that it was as though god had pointed right at me and said "he's the one for you". I'm sure grateful the heavens could spare that star!