What a Trip!

Last Spring Break, two of my very best friends(Perrin and Megan) headed down to Panama City Beach with nothing but relaxation, sun, and water in our minds. We really weren't interested in seeing any guys because my friend, Perri and myself had just been cheated on by our ex-boyfriends.

So, needless to say we weren't feeling to fond of guys during this time. After the long trip from Alexander City, AL (where we went to school) to Panama City, we had finally made it! The first day at the beach, we relaxed and soaked up some rays. That night, the three of us headed out to a nice restaurant for some dinner and then off partying we went; as most college kids would do. While walking back to our hotel after lots of fun, some guys drove by and asked us if we needed a ride. Being nieve, we three jumped in the tahoe with no thought. As soon as I met the one guy, sitting in the passenger side (Justin), something just told me that he would become someone every special to me. As soon as the guys dropped us off at our Hotel, Justin and I exchanged phone numbers, so that we could meet back up with them later. Astounded at what feelings I was immediately feeling for this boy, I soon told my friends that he was my "Soul Mate." For the rest of the night I was obsessed with this boy and was dying to hang out with him again. Later that night, by a freak chance, my cell phone was stolen and Justins number was lost. Can you say devastated?? For the rest of the night I just felt so depressed and just knew my chances of seeing him again were over. The next day, Perri, Megan, and I hung out at the beach and all I could do was think of this boy. I remember thinking of how sweet and adorable he was to me. That night, is when the un-thinkable happened.

While riding down the road deciding where to eat, we saw the tahoe and the boys pulled over to talk to us. In disbelief, the boys thought that the whole "my cell phone was stolen" was a total lie. As Justin said, "Yeah right, you just didn't want to hang out with us." But little did he know, I was developing strong feelings for him. Anyways, to make a long story short, that night Megan and I hung out with the guys and Justin and I were a perfect Match. As of January 20th, we have been dating 10 months. And these past 10 months have been some of the best times of our lives. He has brought so much joy into my life. I didn't mention this, but Justin is from Atlanta and goes to school at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA. I am from Tallassee, AL and go to school at Auburn. Anyways, needless to say we've been doing the "long-distance" thing all of this time. One day after I had cried the entire 4 hour trip home from visiting Justin at school, I realized this....Many people say that long distant relationships never work out, or they just can't do it, but in our case.....we love each other too much to let go. I just believe that if you really love someone, long distance is no problem. There are times, that it gets really tough, but through the God's grace and the strength that he gives us both while we are apart, I know we will be forever!!

Hope you enjoyed the story! I just thought it is a neat story, seeing as how many people that meet on vacations, never talk after the actual vacation.