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The Ludy Christmas Light Spectacular


It's back.  For about 15 years the Ludy Christmas Light Spectacular has been blazing in this normally quiet Columbus neighborhood. 

The streets have been taken over by thousands of people and all kinds of handmade Christmas decorations. 

New this year is a sparkling Christmas tree, over 21 feet high with the star of Bethlehem and leaping arches.

8 year-old Cameron Kozee and his family have visited the light shows for the past two years.

"They're like very pretty and amazing because they change colors, and they sing different songs, and the songs go in the car so you can hear," said Kozee.

Jerry Ludy and his son start work on their Christmas collection in August. 

"The joy I see is when I stand back behind the crowds and watch everybody enjoy it," said Ludy.

He says it is all worth the hard work when he sees people making donations at the end of his driveway to the Make a Wish Foundation.

"I've had so many people want to give and donate to me over the years, and I've never taken it because this is just something I do and enjoy.  But, that has enabled us probably to raise over $20,000 since we started," said Ludy.

With over 100,000 lights decorating not just Ludy's house but his neighbors as well, how much is his power bill?

"Surprisingly, it's not that much.  I think our power bill probably runs no more than $100 a month extra," said the Christmas light expert.

While the lights amaze the kids, they are even more excited about the big man in red: Santa Claus all the way from the North Pole.

"I want two dogs," exclaimed Kozee.

You can go to the Light Spectacular at 5784 Ironstone Drive in Columbus through New Year's Day.  The lights will be on weekday nights until 10:00 and weekend nights until 10:30.

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