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Top-of-the-charts music artists head to Columbus


The Columbus Civic Center is prepping the ice right now for hockey, but next year, the arena will be filled with a different kind of entertainment.

Winner of the Country Music Award's male vocalist of the year Blake Shelton will hit the stage in January.  Country music star Darius Rucker will open for the vocal group of the year Lady Antebellum in March.

"You're working the phones a lot.  You're trying to talk to every artist's management that you can, and let them know that, hey Columbus is here.  We're a motivated market.  We're ready to buy tickets," said Horner.

Ross Horner has been the Columbus Civic Center Director for about 4 months.  One of his goals is to bring bigger names, like these country music stars, to Columbus.  Lady Antebellum fan and Columbus native Hayley Dukes says a concert in Atlanta would be an all day event.  So, she's grateful her favorite band is coming to her hometown.

"You can leave your house an hour ahead of time if you don't want to go eat or you can make a date of it.  You can go to dinner somewhere downtown.  Then, the Civic Center is right next door, and then, you have maybe 15 minutes of traffic trying to get out of the parking lot, and that's it.  Then, you're back at home," said Dukes.

Horner says even though the band's promoter is in charge of most advertising, the Civic Center will be using different mediums like social media to make sure fans make it through the doors.  He explained those crowds can mean millions for the city.

"They're staying in hotels.  They're eating out in restaurants.  They're going to buy gas here.  It just kind of snowballs," said Horner.

 Dukes says there's no doubt she's getting tickets.

"I haven't decide if I'm going to go like get up and go down to the box office or if I'm going to just get up, set my alarm, make sure I'm up and in front of a computer to try and get them," said Dukes.

Horner says there is someone just as big heading to the Civic Center in May, but they cannot announce who just yet.

Tickets are on sale now for Blake Shelton.  On December 9th, the doors will open for Lady Antebellum ticket sales.

The following link will take you to the ticket section of the Columbus Civic Center's website.

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