Dying trees to be replaced along Veterans Parkway

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) For the past 15 years Ruth Ann has owned this restaurant here on Veterans Parkway. Back when she and her daughter first opened the popular eatery Veterans Parkway was quite different still busy but not quite as appealing to the eye.

That's because the $3 million Streetscape project going on in Uptown. New traffic lights, intersection crosswalks, and trees are all part of the project. But those new trees are already seeing the end of their life.

"I was hoping maybe they would come back. I know they were planted in a real hot dry time, so it was kind of a disadvantage during the time they planted them,"

That time was just before the hot summer months.

Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson says that they will work with the contractor to remove the dead trees and bring in new ones at the right time.

"The best time to plant trees between January and March, so I suspect it will be sometime after the first of the year," Teresa Tomlinson.

News Leader 9 reached out to the deputy city manager to find out exactly how much money was spent on these trees. All we know is that $2.2 million of the Veterans Streetscape Project came from stimulus funding and that some of the trees were donated from Tree's Columbus.

Mayor Tomlinson says that the Oaks lining Veterans Parkway will be the new gateway to the city and cites size as a reason why some of the trees died early on.

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