50 Years

This is a story of two south Georgia people torn apart by war and time and who found each other after 50 yrs apart. Mom met Grady through love letters written during the 2nd World War. He served in Guam and they fell in love even tho the distance was vast. Grady came home from war and they met and planned on a spring wedding. A bad misunderstanding took place and mom came to Columbus to heal her broken heart. Both went on and married others, mostly on the rebound. Mom or Grady never forgot that 1st deep young love. I grew up knowing his name as well as my own. So when my dad passed away my husband and I started a search for Grady. One day one of our calls was returned and it was his son. Grady and mom started a courtship all over just as they did 50 yrs earlier. Time had stood still for them. Today they live in Covington, GA and are an inspiration to all that know them. Love can last a lifetime.