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Thieves can steal your Christmas from your porch


During the holidays it isn't just the Grinch who is trying to steal Christmas presents, thieves are now targeting delivery items left on your doorstep.

"It's sad to say but folks will steal Christmas right off your porch if you're not careful," said Leonard Crain with the Better Business Bureau. He advises people to use some caution when ordering things for delivery, like having a hiding place on your porch, asking a neighbor to pick up any packages, or leaving a note for the delivery person, "Ask them to leave it at customer pick-up for you, that way if you're not going to be home you can pick your package up when you get back."

If you do fall victim to someone snatching your packages off your front porch, you should act immediately with all the companies involved to replace your items. Crain said, "Notify the company, and make them aware the package was stolen or not delivered. If you feel it was stolen, make a report with the police because that will assist you with recovery you might get from the company you bought the items from."

Another step you can take is to change your shipping address to your workplace or to the home of someone who will be home.

"Do these things to be sure your package does make it to you and it arrives in time for Christmas," added Leonard Crain.

Some delivery companies are offering new options where you can log on to a website and change delivery addresses and get notified when a package is on the way.

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