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Drivers call for bikers and pedestrians to yield at crosswalks

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM)- Several concerned drivers called into our newsroom this week about bikers crossing out in front their cars at crosswalks for the new Fall Line Trace that goes from the Medical Center in Columbus out to Midland.

We wanted to see this for ourselves. So we hit the trail in an attempt to catch bikers zipping across traffic. Our cameras caught drivers slowing down at most of the crosswalks and bikers stopping at appropriate signs.

Selwyn Kelley uses the trail three times during the week. She says the traffic signals for runners and bikers work fine and she hasn't experienced any problems.

"You have a crosswalk light at the university and here you have these buttons to press that can alert you and alert the traffic coming both ways that you are about to cross," Kelley said.

Ron Hamlet with the city engineer's office tells us that all of the crosswalks on the trace have stop signs. The crosswalks at Gentian and Hilton Avenue have Hawk Beacons and actual traffic lights for cars to stop when signaled by someone on the trail.

Timothy Fortune rides his bike along the trail at least twice a week. Today he's biking from the start to the finish of the trail. I asked him his thoughts on yielding to oncoming traffic at crosswalks.

"It's best to stop because the cars don't most time 9 out of 10 the cars just keep on going so I just sit and waiting until they get done," Fortune said.

Crosswalks at 10th Avenue, Reese Road, and Warm Springs have these pedestrian buttons. Hamlet says the type of sign each crosswalk gets is based on traffic volume in that area.

He says the best thing for anyone on the rail to do is stop and make sure no cars are coming before stepping into crosswalks.

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