Through it All

My name is LeeAnn Maggie Craft. I'm married to the

best man on earth, Stephen Allen Craft. Steve and I

meet at Planet Ocean Scuba. I was taking an beginners

SCUBA diving class and Steve was working on his Master

Divers Certification and helping the store owner to

organize a Relay For Life Benefit there at Planet

Ocean. His wife of 20 years had died from recurring

breast cancer 2 years earlier. It was love at first

sight but neither of us was going to admit that. We

finally confessed our love for each other in Dec of

2000 and were married May 12, 2001. Steve's 2 sons

were his best men. God brought us together at just

the right time to be each other support for the coming

trials and joys in our lives.

We have survived more in our 3 years together than

some other people live in a decade. Two months after

we were married Steve's oldest son was in a near fatal motorcycle accident. Tim spent a month in ICU at the Medical Center, many months at Shepherd's Rehab in Atlanta and has made a miraculous recovery.

We had many adventures SCUBA diving in Bonaire, NA.

My health problems kept us from many more trips. I

suffer from chronic back pain from an old injury,

asthma, and until recently chronic migraines, sinus

and respiratory infections from impacted sinuses. My

love of horses landed me in a pickle in March of 2002

I was thrown from my horse. I was pretty banged up

with 2 cracked ribs, a concussion and 30 stitches to

sew my right ear back together. Through all of this

Steve took care of me and loved me more each day.

Steve and I had discussed having children but it would

require some very expense medical procedures. So we

were overjoyed to learn I was pregnant in May of 2002.

God had brought us another miracle. Gabriella

MaggieMae was born January 27, 2003. She is our own

special miracle baby.

In August of 2003 I went in for a nose reconstruction

and sinus surgery to clear the impacted sinuses.

Steve once again nursed me back to health in th

following weeks of recovery as well as taking care of

our baby daughter. He has encouraged me to pursue my

dreams of becoming a Elementary teacher and supported

me while going to school and staying home to care for

Maggie. Steve has reaffirmed my faith in the goodness

of people. After a hard childhood and early

adulthood, life is more wonderful than I ever dreamed

possible. Our love is all the I ever hoped for and