Prank Turned Wedding

In 1975 when my wife and I decided to get married I naturally mentioned my plans to my co-workers and the owners of the business. Now one of the owners was notorious for cutting up with folks and pulling practical jokes so what he told me was hard to believe. He told me that over in Phenix City he was a Justice of the Peace and that he would like to perform the ceremony for us. I immediately dismissed it as a prank. That man worked hard and long for 3 months to convince me what he said was truth. I finally gave in and accepted his offer. We were to meet at his house in Phenix City on a Saturday afternoon after work to get married. It was to be just us, his family and some friends of ours. By this time I'm really excited and on the day of the wedding at noon when work was over I asked this person if everything was set. Well, he dropped a bombshell on me. He really wasn't a JP or anything. I didn't know what to do. We had gotten our license in Phenix City so we had to use it there only we didn't know anyone there. What now? The friend that was to accompany us called her Preacher. It just so happened that he had a part time job in Phenix City and just happened to be working that afternoon. While he was at work we went to see him and he married us. Oh by the way, this preacher who married us was working at Colonial Funeral Home. We got married in a funeral home of all places! One thing- when the preacher asked if anyone objected- no one said a word:) We've been married 29 years this year so maybe it was good to get married in a funeral home.