Love Will Find You

My love story is proof of a saying that my mother always told me, "don't

go looking for love, because it will find you." This statement came true in

1987. I was a young 16 years old living in Macon, GA. My parents had

recently divorced and my sister and I were not dealing with this decision

very well. One day my father came to my sister and I and suggested that

we "get away" for the weekend. So, we spent the weekend in Savannah, GA.

During our time in Savannah, we noticed a large number of people in

camoflauge, but we weren't sure what the event was. So, after a little

investigating, my father discovered that the International Air National Guard

Softball Tournament was taking place the weekend that we were visiting

Savannah. Since, my sister and I were avid softball players, we agreed to go

and watch a few games. As I was watching one of the first games, a nice

looking, clean cut young man approached me. He introduced himself as Mark. I

was taken aback since a stranger had never approached me out of the blue

(especially with a 6'4" father by my side). We talked briefly, and then my

family and I left to eat dinner. I really did not think too much about the

event, until Mark appeared at my motel door asking for permission for me to

sit by the motel pool with him. Well, this was not a big hit with my

overprotective dad, but he agreed to a 15 minute conversation. During this

brief conversation, I found Mark very interesting and easy to talk too. When

my 15 minutes were up, I simply said "good-bye" to Mark. I did not give him

my phone number, my home address, not even my last name. And the only thing

that I knew about Mark was that he was from West Virginia. My family and I

headed back to Macon that Sunday and I continued with school and life as

normal. Approximately two weeks after returning home, I received a phone

call from my cousin. (She and I had previously worked the summer together in

Macy's department store)She called to tell me that a note had been posted to

the time clock in the Macy's breakroom. The note simply said to call Mark -

Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. Since I had mentioned my encounter with Mark

to my cousin, she figured the note was for me. So, I wrote down the phone

number and gave him a call. After a couple of tries, Mark and I were finally

able to talk again. I WAS FLOORED !!!! I had to know how he found me. He

said that he had tried to contact all of the private schools in Macon looking

for a tall, blonde, senior (small white lie, I was only a junior) student

with the name of Stacy. As you can guess, he struck out on this journey.

Then he said that late one night, it hit him that I had mentioned my summer

job at Macy's Department Store. So, he called the switchboard and the person

that took the call was my cousin's grandmother. She knew me and said that

she would leave a note, but could not give out any of my personal

information. This is when my cousin relayed the message to me. After Mark and

I talked that day, we simply became pen pals. We would write about once a

month, nothing too frequent. He was in college living up life, and I was

finishing highschool. One day, I received a post card from Korea. Mark was

completing his two week active duty and told me that he wanted to visit me

when he returned. You must remember, he and I had not seen each other in 1

year and 10 months (nearly 2 years). Of course, I was a bit nervous, but I

agreed. He drove 750 miles in an old red Chevette, in the heat of the summer

to see me. This was in June of 1989. He was a perfect gentleman and this

really impressed my family. They instantly fell in love with him. The moment

that we exchanged our first kiss, I knew this would be the man that I would

spend the rest of my life with. Mark left to go back home 3 days later, and I

felt like he had taken my heart with him. Two weeks after his departure, I

borrowed money from my grandmother, and hopped on a plane to Dulles airport

in Washington D.C. I had never been on a plane in my life, but I had no fear

because I knew that the man that I wanted to be with was waiting on me. Mark

proposed to me in November 1989, we were wed on March 17, 1990. This year we

will celebrate our 14th anniversary. Mark and I are firm believers of love

at first sight. We are soul mates and believe that God brought us together

for a reason. We now have two beautiful daughters --- Macy Savannah age 8 &

Meghan Nicole age 6 that we absolutely adore with all of our hearts.