Laundry Meeting

I meet my husband at a laundry mat where I was working at the time he never said much just hello and good by and I will be back. One night when I got off work I went to see a friend at a club and he was sitting there and said I left my cloths at the launder mat I said no you did not well we can go get them (hehe) that was he open line to say hello to me.
 We started dating and for about a year then he would bring me home and say i am going to marry you
Well, I was not to sure about that so I did not answer then one day he pop that question in such a sweet way.
  It was my Birthday and he asked me out and all of our friends where there and when i got there he had about 3 or 4 tables put together and a dozen roses on the table and i sat at the head of that table there was a boxing thing on big screen TV on and the club was packed when there was a break they sung Happy Birthday to me and he ask me to dance with him and i did my daughter follow us to the dance floor with the roses I though what is she doing (LOL) well when they finished sing Happy Birthday to me He got the mike and reached into the roses and pulled out a rose ring box got down on one knee ask me to marry him I was so surprised it was so sweet I said yes? We was going to wait 1 year but we went to the JP in Alabama and my daughter and her boyfriend said they where going to get married so we had a double wedding at the court house and my father her grand father was out witness.
I ask him what would he have done if I had said no?
He said keep on asking and we are all so happy.