He Was Always There

            David and I have been together for 22 years. But back in 1986 we were
        split up for several months and I began to date other people. The only problem
        was David always seem to show up wherever me and my date were and would
        sit back and watch us.Then one night my date brought me back to my mothers
        house where I was staying at the time. While we were standing on the porch
        talking guess who drove up in the yard. David and my date began to rgue about
        who cared more about me. I got nervous and went inside and latched the screen
        door. David came up to the screen to try and talk to me and my cowardly date
      ran to his car and sped off. He called me the next day and I told him to stay away
     It wasn't long after that, that David and I reconciled and have been together since.