Wreaths Across America honors fallen veterans

By Brittany Dionne - email

FORT MITCHELL, AL (WTVM) - Thousands across America adorned fallen soldiers grave sites Saturday with wreaths in honor and remembrance of their services.

Family members and comrades salute wreaths that represent those who gave their lives in each branch of service, while Stephen Hynes says he finds honor in playing a prayer.

"To set the souls of veterans that passed away in war. Just Kind of the last somber prayer", said Hynes.

Wreaths Across America, a nonprofit organization, is on a mission to remember Veterans with tributes, poems, and fellowship of family members left behind. Gratitude, honor, and remembrance are what participants at Fort Mitchell say they feel for those who lost their lives for Freedom.

"For us to come here and remember those people and their sacrifices that they made for us," says Major Christopher Tate with Auburn Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol.

What started as a small ceremony has grown to a national event of over six hundred locations laying wreaths at fallen heroes' graves.

This is the sixth year Auburn Squadron has partnered with Wreaths Across America and at 12pm, wreaths are laid at graves at the exact same time across the country.

Organizer Pat High says, "I think it's important for the families to know that we have not forgotten, and we thank them for their service."

Also an organizer for the ceremony Sandy Add says, "Someone is taking notice of the ones that have passed."

The wreath laying participants take notice of the thousands who lay at rest at Fort Mitchell and across the United States. Thousands across the U.S. who take time to remember and thousands of children learned who true heroes are.

"We're kind of looking up going. We still remember you. We're proud of you," expressed Pat High.

To get involved with next year's event, or to request a wreath for a friend or loved one, you may contact Maj. Christopher Tate via email at christophertate@charter.net.