My husband proposed to me in 1990.  He is in the army, and at that time he was in airborn school, and I was a waitress at Red Lobster. We desided to get merried at the Court House. He called me at work and told me to meet him at the Court House. He told me that he had a few hours off. I called the Court House and they close at 4:30. I was still working and was about to be finshed, then at the last minute they sat me another table. I was so over welmed that I started to cry, and everyone said whats the matter?  I'm supposed to go and get married at 4 oclock. and they are still eating their meal. They said go go we will take care of everything.  We got to the Court House and it was 4:15.  We got married by 4:30.  He had to be back to school by 6 pm.  We wanted to eat something close by and quick. The closes place was Mc. Donalds on Veterans Pwy. We ate and said goodbye. So every year on are anniversary we eat at Mc.Donalds for the last 13years and 2 kids later. And we are still in love