He Still Loved Me

David and I met in August 1978. I was 14 and he was 16, my first boyfriend. We dated for about 6 months before we went our separate ways. We both married other people. Fifteen years later, in the summer of 1993, David was no longer married, so he decided to go to my mom's house in South Carolina. He visited with her and left his phone number for me. I called him in January 1994, I came to Columbus to see him. But I guess it just wasn't time I decided not to stay. Then David called me at work in 1998,      he said he wanted to tell me he still LOVED ME. I didn't talk to him again until he decided to give it one more try.  That was in 2001, he went to South Carolina to see his first grandchild. While he was there he went to my mom's house one more time and left me his number. That was in February 2001, I moved down here with him in May 2001, and we got married in Las Vegas on February 14.2002.
This Valentine's Day is our 2nd Anniversary.