Oscar Mayer mini-Weinermobile stops in Columbus

If you ever wished you were an Oscar Mayer wiener, or you just wanted to see one, Wal-Mart was the place to be Sunday.

The Weinermobile made another stop in the fountain city, but it was smaller than the vehicle we're used to seeing. Since the original Weinermobile is going through some routine maintenance, the "Lil Links" Weinermobile came to town.

The scaled down version is an Oscar Mayer hot dog on a Mini-Cooper base.

Oscar Mayer "Hot Dogger" Reese Brammell told News Leader 9, "The Weinermobile travels the country 48 weeks out of the year spreading miles of smiles throughout the country. Rarely do we get to come back to a city twice in one year, but boy am I glad we got to come back to Columbus because we get to see familiar faces. I feel like one of the locals because it's such a warm and welcoming place."

If you missed out on seeing the "Lil Links" Weinermobile, don't worry. It will be back in action Monday at the Whittlesey Road Wal-Mart from 11 to 4 p.m. Go get your picture taken with the one of a kind car and get your very own weenie whistle.

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