Down and Out

January 1st 2003 would have been our 18th anniversary. On December 31 my now ex when to our bank and closed all our joint accounts and put everything in her name but I didn't know until later.  On our anniversary I gave her a card but she didn't have one for me, she said she forgot.  On 01/02/03 at 2 AM she woke me up to tell me she wanted a separation which soon changed to divorce. To keep this short,  she done a lot of bad thangs to me in the process of getting divorced and because of her actions I became homeless.  I have a history of chronic depression and anxiety but she didn't care.  I spent some time in several of
our local mental facilities, the salvation army shelter and then with some people who turned out not to be my friends
either. She is a  medical professional at a local hospital and makes in excess of $60K.  After 18 years of marriage I was
devastated. Thanks fer listen. This is true not made up.