It All Started With an Ad

The ad read: Are you educated, adventurous, romantic, attractive, financially  secure? So am I!  Are you tall SWM 35-45, searching for an attractive SWF, 36, for an honest relationship?  Then you may be for me! I met my husband in a most unusual way!  After being a single Mom for a few years I found the dating scene pretty dismal.  One of my  friends and I were commiserating our poor luck with  dating when she dared me to put an ad in the paper.  Well, I have never been known to turn away from a double-dog dare, and this would not be the first time!  I placed my carefully worded ad in the local "singles seeking singles" portion of our local newspaper despite my Mother's objections.  I really did not expect a response, but was pleasantly surprised at the rapid comeback I received.  I met a couple of guys for lunch, but the magic just was not there, one jerk even asked about dating my 18 yr. old daughter since things did not work out with me!  Another "conveniently" forgot his wallet when it was time to pay for lunch!  I was ready to throw in the towel with my newspaper ad. Then a couple of days later there was a message on the answering machine I found very intriguing.  I thought I was very specific with my ad and this guy seemed to meet all of my requirements! He was even an Eagle Scout!  We talked a few times on the phone before agreeing to meet for breakfast since we both worked nightshift. Me as a Registered Nurse, he was a supervisor at a local tire manufacturer. I knew the moment he walked into Gabbys that I would marry him!  After talking face to face, I was sure I would marry that man! His smile just touched my soul and his eyes melted my heart!  As soon as I got home I called my Mom and informed her I had met my future husband, she laughed and blew me off. When I told my friends about my new beloved they thought I was nuts! Everyone figured he must be an ax murderer or something worse! But  I knew I had met my mate.  Heck, he loved dogs and I had a new puppy!  A few months later, Channing Jones married me in the living room of our Lakebottom home!  We even put the dogs on the wedding invitations!  I think we would have been struck by lightning had we not married. The things we had in common was kinda spooky like, he lived 1 building down from me when I lived at Whisperwood.  We passed each other and never met!  His Mom and I are both nurses. . He lived in Ohio, just a few miles from where I was born and raised. We both love American history, blues music and  general aviation!   He was looking for a lifemate and he found that in me!  I am married to my best friend.  He is the most romantic, loving, interesting person in the world. We still live in the old house in Lakebottom, now "parents" to several dogs. Our favorite activities include  sitting on the porch by candlelight, listening to blues tunes, watching the History Channel or flying our little red airplane around the Southeast. I am the luckiest girl in the world and I know it!  And to think it all started with a newspaper ad!