My Birthday Surprise

My name is Jamie Wells. I have a story of love although some women might see it as war! My husband and I have been married for three years. We have two kids and I spend my day watching those two and two others. He is an iron worker currently working on C S U campus. When we first met I had a 2 year old daughter that I wanted to hide from him, not wanting him to know at first for fear of stories of scaring men off. Well, once I finally brought  up the "shocking news", come to find out, he already knew. From that moment on I knew he was the one for me. Well, on my birthday he told me he had 2 surprises. He had been telling me this for two or three weeks ahead of time. Well, I couldn't wait, so he told me he would give me the first part of my birthday surprise. It was a proposal! I excitedly accepted, but as I said that was the first part. Well, three years later I still don't have a ring! Neither does he. We used my mother's wedding bands for our lovely courthouse wedding. He is the greatest! He works alot and mostly out of town, but he took my little girl as his own who didn't have a father because of abuse, and he took me in and provided a wonderful life, not the best in finances, but what really matters is there, we have no rings, but our love is truly, never ending.