You Can Find Anything at a Flea Market

One year ago on a cold March day I was at the Flea Market in Lee County selling a litter of Chi puppies when I looked up and saw you My heart did a flip flop It was almost LOVE at first sight You had A big smile on your boyish face. YOU asked could you help me sell your Lab pups I said yes and you gave me your address

But alas I did'nt go car trouble but you also gave me your phone number so i called you I almost did'nt but I am glad I did Every weekend at the Flea Market only drew us closer as did the long hours on the phone and E mail messages back and forth When you kissed me in the apartment parking lot I knew that after five years of not knowing love that I had finally found someone very special and caring to spend the rest of my life with and I look forward to saying I DO IN APRIL TO YOU

They Say you can anything at flea market , we did we found each other