Tragedy and Togetherness

Hi my name is Elizabeth Barboza. I have a story of tragedy and how it can bring two lonely souls together.   
 My husband lost his 5 month old daughter to heart disease in December of 2000. In April of 2001 His partner of 8 yrs took the three other children and left for another state. Around this same time I was dealing with the siucide of my fiance and father of my now 3 yr old.
 I had to be admitted to a hospital for about 2 weeks for depression. The day I was released, i needed to be out and around people , so I took a drive, and as i was riding i saw a person i thought i knew. I pulled over and said hey, and when he turned around it was not who I thought. He introduced hisself and as did I with an apology for bothering him. Later the same day I saw Ruben again, Now that i Knew his name I said hello to him and that was the last I seen of him for about a month.
One day in June I went for a drive with a freind and just happened she was going to his house and that is when we began talking and realizing that we needed each others strength and compaionship. Ruben told me of his losses and as did I of mine.
For months we were just so happy and we even moved in together along with my two children.
One day in August of 20001 I answered the phone to hear a strange voice asking for Ruben. It was the mother of his three children. She said she was coming back, and she did. When she arrived she had only one freind to take her in and the house was not big eniugh or clean enough for the children, so I being the big hearted person i am asked her to bring herself and the children to live with us until she could make other arrangements. Well needless to say that was a huge mistake. Things did not go well and I decided I would step aside and let them try to work out there problems.
It wasnt long she was gone again and Ruben and I  got back together, but she wasnt gone far. She moved right down the road and was constantly calling and stopping over, always ranting and raving and threatening.
To make this story short she had the children taken by dfcs and put in foster care.
At the emergency hearing Ruben tried to get the children, but was told that he and I were shacking up.
We got an attorney she said move me out or marry me.Guess what we got married and fought for 8 long months to get the children released into our custody. In June of 2003 we got the children and the mother has visitation only becuase we allow it.So this story started with tragedy, had a little happiness for awhile then , it was hell for almost a year and now Ruben, myself and our five children are just as happy as we can be.P.S. In the mist of all the battles with Dfcs and the mother we moved into a six bedroom house and there is plenty of room for the children!!!!!!!