Broken Heart

After a 4 year relationship (3living together).The love of my life told me he needed some time to his self and was going away for the weekend. After a 3 day weekend, he came back on Monday night, went straight to bed with no explanation of the weekend .On Tuesday afternoon, He told me we needed to talked! He perceived by telling me He went to meet his childhood sweetheart, and was in love with her. That my daughter & I needed to find somewhere else to live. So I moved up stairs until I could find a place. I watched him every night talk to this lady that lived 900 miles away. It broke my heart every day. So on Thanksgiving morning he loaded up to go to Atlanta to send the weekend with her again, not even worrying where or how my THANKSGIVIVG was going to be like. So that Saturday I loaded all my stuff up and moved in with my girlfriend until my house closed. He not one time ask me how I was or where I was staying. The bad thing is we work together. And I have to see me everyday. He wants to me friends, but it is hard for me because I was truly hurt. Now a year later, we talk casually and she is now living in my house. I don't think our love will ever really die. I believe that he enjoys playing mind games with me. I know I need to move on, but it is hard because we see a lot of each other. We go to the same places, know the same people and I know there is still an attraction there. So one day I'll find the "LOVE OF MY LIFE" again, and will we end up just friends.