Moon Road project nears completion

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) – It is a concern that has generated buzz for the past six months. People who frequently drive down Moon Road are frustrated with the ongoing construction project that will make Moon Road from J.R Allen to Veterans a four lane road.

"One day it's going to get done, one day it's going to be done, and it will be, all construction ends," says Dr. Joe Narde. "It's been a hassle with the construction but if you look at the big picture and the end picture its going to be better for the business here and for traffic flow."

Doctor Joe Narde owns Willow Point Dental Art located just off of Moon Road. While construction may not be the most pleasant thing for Doctor Narde and his customers the end result proves to be quite promising.

"It's going to help out with traffic flow and we will be getting a traffic light here the traffic that moves back and forth makes it difficult to get in and out," says Narde.

Deputy City planning manager David Arrington says the project is taking longer than expected because of conflicts with utilities in that area.

City planning manager Rick Jones says that rocks also caused a slight delay with the project, but he expects everything to be finished with the section from J.R. Allen to Veterans by early next year.

As for the next phase which stretches from Whittlesey to Wilbur Dr. there is still work to be done before construction can begin.

"We are in the process of finished up the right of way acquisitions for easements and property acquisitions for the project so that we can bid it out and get it going," David Arrington said.

A project people like Joe Narde having been looking to for a long time.

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