Lee County Humane Society utilizes unique fundraising

AUBURN, AL (WXTX) – The Lee County Humane Society's Wasted Lives campaign is locking up shelter leaders for the unique fundraiser.  The leaders are braving the cold, in an outdoor cage to raise money to care for animals at the shelter.

Board members with the Lee County Humane Society are spending the night outside in this cage to raise money and awareness for a cause they love.

Mia, the rescued Boxer and her owner Pat Rynders with the Lee County Humane Society are braving the chilly temperatures for a good cause.

"We want to experience what it would be like for animals that may be out in the cold and homeless and it just represents what homeless animals may be going through," says Rynders.

She and other board members are spending 24 hours each, locked in the cage near Auburns Kroger on Dean Road. They will spend days and nights in the cage, until they raise money for each animal that visited the shelter.

"This is a way for us to raise money for the care of the animals and the shelter this year our goal is to raise 20,000 5 dollars each animal that came into the shelter this year."

Rynders says she's enjoyed her time in the cage, snuggled up to animal she rescued and loved and talking to the public about how they can help animals that haven't found forever homes.

"If you are going to take in a pet it's always nice to visit the animal shelter and give a homeless animal an opportunity, and please spay and neuter, the only way the number of animals will go down in shelters is by spaying and neutering."

The Humane Society is trying to raise $20,000 for the no more Wasted Lives campaign. If you would like to donate all you have to do is come on down to the Kroger on Dean Road in Auburn and look for the cage.

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