Editorial: Columbus Job Growth

EDITORIAL:  The linchpin for our slowly recovering economy is jobs and here in Columbus, the employment outlook is better than anywhere in the state.

Columbus is projected to be number-one for job creation in all of Georgia. While it's at a rate of only 1.2 percent it's at least moving in the right direction.

That figure comes from UGA's Selig Center of Economic growth and their analysis indicates that Columbus should gain about 1,400 jobs in 2012.

But perhaps the biggest finding in their study is a strong recommendation to Columbus as well as to all Georgia political leaders.

The study's authors say the politicos need to find additional ways to offer more incentives to lure companies to move here or they'll continue to lose out in the competition for thousands of jobs.

Georgia and Columbus city leaders hold a key to our future economic growth. They have and I am sure they will continue to find even more creative ways to attract new plants and other businesses to our area.

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