Editorial: Freeloaders No More

EDITORIAL:  Columbus' Charter Review Commission approved a proposal last week that would authorize Columbus Council to enact a $500 basic service fee on all Columbus property.

The basic service fee would be a $500 fee on every real estate property in the city, but would apply only if the property owner was paying less than $500 in property taxes.

It would apply fully only to those who pay no property taxes on their land. Otherwise, it would be applied to make up the difference between what an owner pays and $500. A property owner who pays $200 in taxes would be assessed a $300 service fee.

This would at last start to close the gap between those who are grandfathered under the property tax freeze and paying little or no property and those who have to pay full property taxes.

I know there is plenty of opposition to this tax and it will have to be approved by voters next year but it is the only fair and right thing to do.

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