Best Friends

       My best friend Diane, of 32 years hooked me up with her cousin Pete, him and I were together 3 yrs when Diane told me that she had cancer, her dieing wish was for Pete and I to get married before she died, so on June 8th 2001 Pete and I got married Diane was my maid of honner, but she was to weak to stand at the alter with me,but she sat in the audiance with her bouqet of flowers, she was beautiful. On July 8th 2001 Diane passed away, her wish for Pete and I to have all the love in the world for each other,it came true, we have been married 2 and1/2 yrs, we have been together,6 yrs, Diane once said that Pete and I were the perfect couple. How right she was. Thank you Diane for all the wonderful yrs of friendship, and thank you and God for giving me Pete. We love and miss you. Pete is not only my husband he is my very best friend, he ia my soul mate.