Started at a Soccer Game

On February 27, 2001, I was at my school's soccer game. While I was watching the game, a friend of mine, Kim, walked up with this guy, Ray, I had never met before. I said hey to her, and since Ray and I didn't know each other she introduced us. When I looked at him and said, "Hey I'm Erin," I felt special the way he was looking at me. A little while later we left the game,

and since it was getting darker I asked someone to walk me to my car (we were with a few other people too) But before I could even spit out the words, Ray volunteered. I got a phone call about 3 minutes after we had all left the parking lot and it was Kim. So I answered my phone and she told me she had to talk to me later about something. I knew that he had probably told her that he wanted her to hook us up. The first thing I thought was "Great, I don't want to date anybody right now." (At the time I was extremely busy with school work and extra-curricular activities.) But, about a week later we went to the movies with another couple. After that we talked a little on the phone, but not another date. Then, we didnt talk for about a month. Then, we started talking again. Then on May 11, 2001, he asked me out. It was the sweetest way too. Now, it's been almost three years since we've been together. And although we've had our rocky moments, things couldn't be better. He's my best frined and I love him with all my heart. Also, we both have this thing with numbers. My lucky number is 9, and his is 3. One day, after we had been together about 10 months, I was looking through all my old movie tickets, and I saw that our first date was on March  9. The 9th day of the 3rd month. And not only that, we met and the 27th (9 times 3). I feel like it's just meant to be.