White Lilies

One week before Valentine's Day, I was on the phone with my then boyfriend (now husband) and we were talking about Valentine's Day. He was asking me what I wanted. Me not really liking Valentine's Day because of past bad experiences with it I was very uninterested in the event. He explained that the day is very special to him and he would not rest until I thought better about Valentine's Day. Well, by him being in Missouri at AIT training for the ARMY, that seemed impossible to me. On Valentine's Day I went with my day as usual not thinking that anything would happen when my doorbell rang. There at the door was a huge Bouquet of White Lilies, A big bear that had a heart that said "You''ve never been loved until you''re loved by a soldier. My heart melted with happiness. Just then about ten minutes later the phone rang. It was him and when I answered the phone he was serenading me with our favorite love song. After that I knew that was the beginning of many more happy valentines to come. Even if he away (as he is now) he always does something special from the heart on Valentine's Day because "You've never been loved until you've been loved by a soldier."