Take Him Away

In 1963 while I was stationed at Ft. Benning I attended a local Baptist Church because they did a lot for the guys from post.  A friend of mine was dating one of the girls from that church.  It seems that she wanted to get rid of him, so she invited a friend of hers to come to a football game we were all going to, so that she could "take him away".  Well we found out about the plan and I agreed to run interfearance for him with the new girl.
when the night came we were standing on the steps across the street from the parking lot when the "friend" arived, as she got out of the car I had a feeling like I never felt before, I turned to my friend and told him, "no problem that is the girl I am going to marry".  We were married on Feb 7th the next year.  It turned out that she was an organist and I am a soloist and we have been making music together for the last 40 years.
Linda is my best friend, my love and my life.