Met in College

Our love story begins in March of 1980.  Jimmy was attending Columbus College at the time and I was at LaGrange College.  We were each involved with the Baptist Student Unions on campus.  We had applied to go on mission trip to Baltimore, Maryland during our spring breaks.  The BSU groups would meet in Baltimore and work together with inner city missions for a week.  Well, we got to Baltimore, went through orientation, learned about different job assignments that we would be doing during the week and began getting to know our fellow college students that we would work with.  I had my eye on Jimmy early during the week.  I thought he was quite handsome and talented.  I think that he was admiring me too.  Anyway, toward the end of the week, our group was going to the 20th floor of a high rise apartment building in which senior adults lived.  We were going to present a program for them with songs and entertainment.  As we were getting on the elevator to go to the 20th floor, one of the students had the bright idea of packing the elevator "for fun."  At that time, I was fearful of elevators - very claustrophobic.  However, I joined in and packed myself in with 11 other students and 1 senior adult.  We were going up and had just passed the 17th floor when suddenly the elevator shut off.  We were stuck between floors.  We called for help but it seemed that something was going on in the building. We were stuck in there for 1 hour and a half.  I was so scared but of all the people who could be standing beside me - there was Jimmy.  He loves to tell this part of our story.  He says that I said, "Will you hold my hand?"  He gladly held my hand that evening and has been holding it ever since.   
  Our mission trip involved students from several different states but as it turned out, Jimmy and I only lived about 30 miles apart.  I went on a mission trip for the Lord and he blessed me with a husband that is so incredibly wonderful.  We were married in December of 1981.
Our love story continues daily as we look to each day as an adventure and a new day to appreciate our love and commitment to each other.