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Fighting the holiday blues


For the first time in 7 years Brittney Michelle will spend the holidays alone. Her boyfriend ended their long relationship three weeks ago, leaving Michelle with more than just a broken heart.

"The friendship and the companionship because you always have somebody who is going to have your back 100%," Michelle said.

A middle school teacher in Central Florida, Michelle will now make the trip home to South Carolina alone. Something she's not too excited about this year, especially since her siblings are all in relationships themselves.

"I'm the only one without (a mate) and everyone is going to ask 'Where is he?,' or 'What's going on?"

Doctor Ron King at the Pastoral Institute says talking about your problems and issues is the best way to brighten your holiday.

"You don't just pick up the pieces and go on the process, it takes realizing that you need to take care of yourself and find someone you can talk with and talk your feelings out," King said.

2010 statistics show that there is a 15% increase in the number of people seeking help for emotional disorders in the month of December.

Doctor King suggests doing things that will take added stress away during the holidays like eating healthy and watch the drinking. Alcohol is a depressant.  Also be realistic with your time and money, know your limit and don't over spend.  

"Find those things that renews, refreshes and causes you to be thankful during the season is an important way to do it," King said.

Despite her recent breakup, Michelle will spend this Christmas at home with family. The people she says have never let down and have always been in her corner.

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