The Story Begins with a Romance

This story is about our wedding day. It is funny, and very true. And I believe, if not mistaken. Channel 9 was there.

The story begins with a romance. Me and my wife Rachel wanted to get married, but because there were some family tension, we decided that we wanted to get married without telling anyone. Our big plan was to elope.

We had timed everything hoping no one would get suspicious about it, including setting vacation time from work, blood tests, honeymoon, etc.

Well finally our day came. We were to be married at the Columbus courthouse.

Here comes the twist. We were to be the first couple married at the courthouse. I was completely nervous and nerve wracked. She was running late. There were many jokes about her not showing on the floor, but also a lot of reassurances that all would be just fine.

In the meantime, my friend, her daughter (my God-daughter) were running late because the car had broken down or car trouble of some sort.

She finally arrived. I was so relieved. We kept each other from view because I really did not want to see my bride until it was time.

Suddenly, Alarms begin to ring. It was a bomb threat! They ordered everyone to evacuate the building, so down the stairs we went. I was carrying my God-daughter all of the way down and told my bride to be how beautiful she looked as we were evacuated.

As we waited downstairs, we were sweltering. It was really hot that day. We waited in hopes to get back upstairs soon, so that we wouldn't be completely rag-tagged when we could finally start the ceremony.

Again, in a twist, here comes the news crew, looking for a story about the threat. People were shouting, "Hey! These two were just about to get married when the alarm went off!"

We were both like, "Oh Great!" We did not want to be exposed to our families before we were able to get married, and it had to be on this day. We had prepared for it in secret for so long. So our instinct was to run away from the news crew.

Still people kept pointing us out as bride in groom. I think it was the wedding dress that kept giving us away.

After what seemed to be an eternity, we were all allowed to head back into the courthouse. We were so relieved, but that was not the end of the adventure. While arriving on the proper floor we were told that the Justice of the Peace went home for the day!

The rumor we were told was that he had been in an actual bombing before and wanted nothing to do with this. I am not sure how true the story was, all we knew is that there was no one there to marry us...

Again in a twist of fate, Judge Turner happened to come around the corner and get on the elevator. Everyone that was on the floor came to our aid when they saw how upset Rachel was about all of this.

They blocked the elevator door and were shouting to him, "Judge Turner! These two were supposed to get married but the Justice of the Peace went home."

He anxiously considered the situation and agreed to marry us in the Municipal Court. So there we were. Bride, groom, my friend, her boyfriend, her daughter, and Judge Turner in the municipal courthouse.

He married only us on that day. There was another couple trying to get married before the groom was deployed somewhere, but Judge Turner had no more time. On a mad dash out, they told us they had found another JOP in another town that would marry them. So it all worked out.

When we got downstairs, our 1972 Volkswagon van had been covered with writing. I remember the main thing written. "Just marriedŠno bombs about it!"

That was April 11, 1994.

We had a lot of jokes about bad omens, and signs at the time, but that's all they were. This April 11 will be our tenth anniversary. It is a day we will always so vividly remember. I guess you can see why.