A Love Letter Each Day

I had to go to Corpus Christi, Texas a couple of years ago because I was sick and I had to go stay in an apartment and see a specialtist there for six weeks.  My husband drove me down and stayed with me for a couple of days and then he had to go back to Opelika, because we own a business and he had to get back to that.  I was a little lonely and scared because I was all by myself but the next morning after he left I received one rose in a vase with a love letter and I continued to receive a rose every day for the entire six weeks along with a love letter each day.  I put each rose in the vase everyday and at the end I had forty something roses and love letters.  This was very special to me because I knew he was thinking of me everday and it helped me from being so lonely and made the six weeks go by fast.  My husband is very thoughtful and romantic.