Active Duty

We were both on active duty, stationed in California, and had been dating exclusively several months when he was notified of orders to go overseas. He was excited - this was an assignment he really wanted. I was not excited - this meant that he'd be leaving soon for two years. Then, he surprised me by asking me to marry him before he left! Since he had to leave in less than a month, we decided that the sooner the better, so that we could straighten out any paperwork with the military before he left. We married just days after his proposal, and planned a multi-stop, sightseeing and visiting honeymoon: to Oregon to see his parents, to Texas to see mine, and then to Virginia for his refresher/orientation and subsequent departure to the Indian Ocean and points beyond. But, plans can change in the blink of an eye: less than two hours from his parents' house, we hit black ice in the road and totaled the truck we were in, landing both of us in the hospital, him with major head injuries, and me with fractured bones, dislocated sternum, internal bruising, and a rip in my scalp that took 38 stitches to close. Recovery was slow - I was in the hospital for a little over a week, and out of work for another 6 weeks, and he was in the hospital for just over 3 months. Needless to say, this was not the romantic honeymoon we had envisioned! Unfortunately, things went downhill from there; his head injuries altered his personality, and he became increasingly moody, reclusive, paranoid, and finally, adulterous and violent. I could deal with everything except the girlfriends and the violence. We are now divorced, and live happily ever after, 2000 miles apart.