FAA reminds travelers to turn off cell phones on airplane

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) – Airplanes and cell phones go hand in hand like vinegar and oil, according to the Federal Aviation Administration the two should not mix.

The FAA is taking a firm stance against cell phone use in the cabin of airplanes. The height in restriction comes after the increase in cell phone use globally.

The FAA says cell phone calls should not be placed or received while in flight.

"Well that's okay because I do that anyway so that's fine, I don't have one of the new flashy cell phones," says Debra Richau.

Richau and her daughters are heading out from the Columbus airport to visit family in North Carolina. Richau has no problem with turning off her cell-phone especially if it helps makes her flight safer.

Columbus Airport Marketing Manager Sonya Hollis says that the transportation safety administration have not placed any regulations on cell phone use.

"It will be each individual airline who establishes whether or not airplane mode is sufficient or whether or not your phones need to be off," Hollis said.

FAA rules say that the signals transferred over a long period of time may unintentionally affect aircraft communications, navigation, flight control, and electronic equipment, putting everyone on the plane in potential danger.

Air carriers at the Columbus airport require that passengers turn off their cell phones completely and no electronic devices can be used until the plane soars above 10 thousand feet.

The FAA lists laptops, MP3, and CD players as approved devices that can be used during flights.

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