Delivery companies slammed with shipments before Christmas

This is what some call the Super Bowl for delivery companies.  The days leading up to Christmas are the busiest in the year.

Emily Blalock walked into the UPS Store on Bradley Park Drive in Columbus to see if she could mail some last minute packages before Christmas on Sunday.

"I'm nervous, but it's my fault I waited.  So, I'm hoping my cards will get there on time.  I'm also nervous the things I've order won't get there," said Blalock.

Regina Gehman, the manager of the store, says they have seen at least a thousand people coming in this week to send off their holiday gifts.

Gehman says the packages can make it under the tree, but you will need to send them over-night and make sure they are marked to arrive on Saturday.  However, it comes with a price.

"A small box which ranges around ten inches long by nine by four is roughly running $60 just going to North Carolina or Tennessee."

Depending on size, weight, and distance, Gehman says larger boxes can cost over $100.

Gehman also says to make sure you hold onto the tracking numbers on your packages.  If your shipment is misplaced, this number will help you and the company find where it is and what happened to it.

At the UPS Columbus Center, Randy Head, one of the supervisors, says they are processing about 16,000 packages a day with each driver making over 200 deliveries each day.

"Some of the drivers will come back and get a second load.  We've got nine trailers out there that we bring to the drivers or the drivers pull and they'll come back and deliver from there," said Head.

He says they had to hire 40 temporary employees because they have doubled what they normally process in a day.

"We've got a couple of them on the inside of the building working, but most of them are out assisting a driver," said Head.

While many customers are grateful their packages will arrive before Christmas, others, like Matt Thornberg, say they have learned their lesson for next year.

"I would definitely not procrastinate and send it out a lot sooner than a couple of days before Christmas.  That's for sure."

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