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Nathan Deal sends Georgians his Christmas Greetings

As Christmas nears, I wanted to wish every Georgian a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season.
Christmas has a special way of reminding us what is really important: our faith in God, family, and the well-being of our fellow man.
But Christmas is not limited to a single season or date on a calendar. These feelings of peace and love are always with us, throughout our lives. For many, Christmas serves as a rejuvenation of these values and ideals.
After the gifts are all unwrapped and the candles begin to dim, our spirits will once again be enriched and fully restored.
As we reflect on all we have been able to accomplish this past year, we will carry this rejuvenated spirit to achieve all the goals that we have set for the coming years.
From our home to yours, Sandra and I wish the best this holiday season.

Nathan Deal 

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