Shoppers pack stores for after Christmas sales

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) – Shoppers were out in full force Monday, trying to cash in on those after Christmas sales.

The frenzy to catch after Christmas sales has officially begun.  Many stores big box and local opened their doors as early as 5 a.m. for after Christmas door buster deals.

Shopper like Eric Crouch was out and about with his wife catching all the great deals, "We are all over the place using gift cards and just building up stock for next year. We are out looking for deals on decorations."

With lines flooding out of the door, the store traditions slashed prices by as much as 50 percent. Customers filled the store searching for the perfect ornament or nick-knack. The owner stated they are even buying the stores Christmas decorations off the wall.

"The deals are better now, maybe sneak in some last minute gifts, now that they are 50 percent off", says Crouch.

Toys R Us was just as busy with discounts upwards 50 percent and many buy one get one deals.

"I had to get Jamal something for Christmas, I forgot Jamal but I got you something from Toys R Us," says Mary Porter.

Customers say they held off buying bikes and bigger items hoping for deeper discounts.  Reports show after Christmas sales account for 15 percent of the holiday shopping sales.

"I don't shop before Christmas because the best sales are after Christmas," said Porter.

If you snatched up items before Christmas and found them cheaper Monday, save your receipts.

Say you brought a CD for ten dollars before Christmas, and today it's on sale for $5, some stores will give you five dollars back as a price adjustment.  Be sure to check with stores for their return and price adjustment policies.

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