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Dog nearly loses life after eating poisonous mushroom

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – Poisonous mushrooms found in several dog owners' back yards nearly ended their four legged friends' lives.

Mary Westin told us today that her family dog in Columbus ate a mushroom and within an hour it became really sick.    

"She started vomiting, drooling at the mouth, she became completely unresponsive."

These symptoms started after Riley ate this mushroom in the yard at the Westin's home in Midland. Mary Westin and her children rushed their dog to Northside Animal Hospital where veterinarians worked to save Riley's life.

"We initiated treatments on her gave her an injectable medication to boost her heart rate and then started on I-V fluids," Sarah Duncan said.

Dr. Hank Hall the owner of Northside Animal Hospital told us today that mushrooms are just as harmful to animals as they are to humans and that because of recent rain in the area. They can literally grow over night.

This is the second case the hospital experienced in the same day.

"If mushrooms were good to be given to them they would be in dog food or we would give them as treats but they are not," Dr. Hall said.

Dr. Hall says during the holidays pet owners need to be especially careful about items that there dogs or cats will consume.

Festive items like Mistletoe, Holly Berries, and Poinsettia can be deadly if ingested by pets. Things like wrapping paper and tape could also be harmful, causing animals to become sick or even choke.

"It goes way beyond mushrooms, poinsettias and holly berries and things like that so you have to be very, very careful about what is out there," Dr. Hall said.

"Do a check of your yard; make sure there are no mushrooms growing, if they are remove them, because they could potentially be fatal," Westin said.  

Luckily for Riley, that mushroom supper was only a scare, she had her final check up today and per doctor's orders Riley is in the clear.

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