Feral hogs spotted in Midland

Richard Comer and his neighbors in Midland wake up every morning and find more damage left behind by the pack of wild pigs that live behind homes in the Rambling Trail.

Two sows, their ten piglets, and what some are calling "Hogzilla" have been seen by neighbors.  However, no one can get close enough to catch them.

Comer is worried about pets in the area. Hogs have been known to kill dogs and cats they feel are invading their space.

He is also worried about other little ones in the neighborhood.  "I am highly concerned that children might be out playing and will come upon these pigs and it could be a nasty situation," explained Comer.

Feral pigs are eat acorns and root in the soil for bugs, leaving the landscaping Comer puts time and money in to is slowly fading away.  "I am sure as soon as it starts to have heavy downpours we are going to have major erosion," Comer told News Leader Nine.

Comer said Columbus Police told him it was illegal to use a gun to kill the hogs.  "I don't feel like I can protect my property from the damage these pigs are doing," he said.

Residents here are looking in to options for getting rid of the hogs.  Option one, hire a professional hunter or option two, put out bait and set up a trap.

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