About Kitchen Tune Up Franchise

Dave Haglund founded Kitchen Tune-Up out of a direct need in the cabinet industry to repair and renew cabinets and other wood items. In 1975 he had started his own cabinet distributorship and quickly found success, expanding his business into four locations with more than 60 dealers in three states.

In 1986, Dave made an observation while in a customer's home. He noticed that the six-year-old kitchen was starting to look a little run-down, but did not need to be entirely replaced. Having run a service-oriented business, Dave asked if the customer would like him to "tune-up" some of the worn areas in the kitchen. The customer was thrilled with the results! At that point, Dave discovered there was a market niche.

Dave worked hard to perfect a process that would restore not only cabinets, but any interior wood surface back to it's original luster. After years of testing and perfecting, he wanted to share this new concept with the nation and thus decided to franchise the system that he had developed.

He and his wife, Cindy, began franchising as Kitchen Tune-Up, Inc. in 1988. The first franchise was sold in Fargo, ND that same year. Kitchen Tune-Up has enjoyed steady growth over the past nineteen years. Kitchen Tune-Up stands alone in the wide variety of services and products that we offer. Our nationwide presence offers the customer the best of both worlds, competitive pricing and outstanding customer service.

Over the years Kitchen Tune-Up has received many awards and accolades for being an industry leader. But there is one recognition that Dave and Cindy have received that stands out from all the rest. On the 20th anniversary of the KTU franchise system, the entire franchise system presented them with a two week, all expenses paid cruise to Norwary. Dave and Cindy felt honored to be part of such a generous and giving community.

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