Another chilly night for the Chattahoochee Valley

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) – Get ready for the coldest air of the young winter season.  Temperatures will be the coldest they've been since January and February of 2011.

As we head into the overnight hours tonight, winds should begin to calm down.  With clear skies and a cold air mass in place, that will set the stage for another hard freeze across the Valley with lows in the upper teens and lower 20s.

It's usually when temperatures drop to around 20 or below that we begin to worry about pipes bursting in people's homes.  Be sure you wrap any exposed pipes outside with some form of insulation, and leave a faucet in your house running with a very small stream.  This will prevent water from freezing and expanding inside your pipes, causing them to burst.

And, use common sense when it comes to taking care of pets, plants, and the elderly who may not have a good source of heat during very cold weather.

A warming trend is in the extended forecast, however, and you can always get the latest on the forecast by checking out the weather tab at

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