Mayor Tomlinson looks ahead to New Year, pushes trash pick up

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX)- Trash pickup in Columbus has raised concerns for a number of years.  Now Mayor Tomlinson wants to finally address the ongoing hot button issues by moving forward with plans to reduce the number of trash days in Columbus from two days per week to one.

It's one of the first things on her agenda this year, slated to be discussed at January 30th work session at Columbus City Council.

"I generally do not feel, it is a controversial as it has been in the past, the support for that when I brought it up last budget session, was absolutely overwhelming to go to once a week garbage pickup and save $250,000 in tax payers money," Tomlinson said.

That's $250,000 annually saving the city a million dollars in four years.

"That money could be better spent on other things, something that is my responsibility, the city's responsibility to take to the citizens and let them make the decision through their city councilman."

Mayor Tomlinson says the final decision for now will remain with the council but urges people in the community to voice their concerns to their council members.

The Mayor says she has gotten overwhelming support from people in the community. But it won't be easy to get the council to agree.

"Today we are one of the few cities that have two a week trash pickup, the inefficiency that causes the unnecessary expenditures, that money could be better spent on other things," Tomlinson says.

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